Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Divide and Conquer

In the military world, strategies and tactics is one of the important factor that lead to victory. Of course, its still just one factor, not including the others. But any military forces that fails to implement strategies will surely annihilated by opposing forces that uses strategies appropriately. This doesn't limit to military world only, but also in the business world. The business world is no stranger to military strategy.  Capitalist murder, kills and cutthroat each other in order to maintain monopoly and enormous profit in competitive business world. (Okay, only joking about the killing part, but it maybe true in some mafia organization.)

In this article, we going to look the "divide and conquer" strategy and how we can use it in the process of mastering the guitar.

Next we'll discuss how to use the guitar to conquer the rebel forces.

Divide and conquer strategy is where the focus attack is on the smaller part of the force rather than all the forces at once (divide). When the supporting forces or pillars has been eliminated, the forces weakened and easier to defeat (conquer).

We can apply this method in our practice! In mastering scales, accuracy, speed, learning a song and many more.

Divide and conquer
  1. Pick a song, techniques, scales or licks that you wish to master.
  2. Break the task into smaller part
  3. Focus on mastering one part,  when mastered perfectly, proceed to other part.
  4. Repeat step 3 until the task is mastered/conquered.
This process may seems tedious, but trust me, this is the best approach to effective practice and mastering any songs, licks or techniques on guitar. Rather than learning one entire song or lick at once, it is better to break them pieces by pieces, mastering the easy part then gradually mastering the harder part.

When learning a song,
  1. Break it to smaller part;  intro, verse, bridge/solo, and outro. Strumming pattern and riff
  2. Learn the easy part first, then proceed to hard part, i.e; solo 
  3. Show off to your friends. (Optional)

"That song? I only know the solo part."

Happy practicing everyone!!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Try and Try Again

When you first started playing guitar, did you suck at guitar?

Well, I do.

Everybody has their own starting point, same as me. We might be inspired to pick the guitar, and suddenly lost the motivation to play it again just because it hard and our fingers hurts.

Let me tell you this. DON'T QUIT. Yes, it is really frustating to learning playing guitar at first, but eventually you will get it. Only if you don't stop playing. It's okay to rest you finger after hard playing, but the next day make sure you pick up the guitar again. Little by little, you will become good and finally master every techniques that possible in guitar. 

Problems in strumming? Take 1 day and focus on strumming for the entire day session.
Fingers hurt? Build finger strengths with scaling execise.
Try at least to spend 30 to 40 minutes on guitar practice. 2 hours is even better. If you have ample of time, try 6 hours practicing the guitar every day. Give it a week. You will notice the improvement.

Again, don't quit. Just try and try again. Keep trying. Who knows what you'll be in the future with guitar?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Top 4 Reasons Why People Started To Play Guitar

At some point of life, every guitar player has started to play the guitar for initial reasons. Like me, I have my own reason. For every guitar player, the reasons may vary from player to player, but I will list up the 4 top reasons to start playing guitar generally. Let’s start from....

Monday, July 18, 2011

Motivational Guitar Quotes

Sometimes you feel like giving up the guitar, because maybe your playing isn't improving like you want to. But don't give up! Hey, every guitar player have been in that situation and you're not alone, my dear guitarist friend. Maybe you just need  to rest your finger, and read some of this inspiring quotes from famous guitarist around the world. It will motivates you. ;)